Desert Safari Adventure by a Collegue

I’m too excited to do this, but I’m running out of words. Ohhh! Let’s just start like this; I began to wonder why I am not exploring UAE and have some fun. After my two years of working in UAE, at long last, I decided to have a break. Of course, it would be much fun to do it with your partner. So, my partner and I decided to go finally for it. How could it be not too exciting when it’s for free! Lol! We are blessed! It was a gift from my generous Boss. Yipee!

At first, I said to myself maybe I will just get tired of all the activities mentioned in the package. I am not quite an explorer since I’m too busy with work too. But as I have said, it’s for free so why not give it a try. And since my partner has not enjoyed his last 5 years in UAE, so we just did it!

OMG!! The first thing that comes to my mind every time I remember the whole evening of our Desert Safari. At first, we were picked up from a certain pickup area in Sharjah mega mall around 3 pm. The driver called us before time and told us to come to the mall. He was accommodating though he is in a rush, maybe because he needs to pick up every passenger in Sharjah. As expected, we had a round trip all the way to Sahara, city center and National paint. It was fun actually because it was like a road trip and sight-seeing, sitting close with your special someone. After 30 minutes of our journey, we finally reached the meeting point at the desert. I went down the bus & just uttered OMG! Wooooow! So PERFECT! It‘s not just a desert as what I was expecting, but it was like heaven. The reflection of the sun as it kisses the golden sand of the wide desert is truly perfect scenery. It may sound exaggerated, but it made me feel so relaxed and peaceful.  Of course, it’s time to grab the chance of a million photographs with him. J

The second part was the dune drive by land cruiser car. Are you kidding me?! I will die, or you’ll get crazy with my scream!! And 100 % I was screaming for 15 minutes, it was like a roller coaster with the up and down slides off the hill sand. I got dizzy after so I guess it was not my type of thrill, but my partner did enjoy a lot as he was laughing at me.

After the dune bashing, we have directly dropped off the campsite. Yes! Camps do actually exist in the middle of the desert. And it was nice especially the Majilis (traditional sofa of the Arabs). As I have observed, the staffs were wearing Candura (traditional dress of Arabs) that was noticeable; and they were accommodating to each guest that was coming. I feel genuinely overwhelmed.

After roaming around the camp and check for some nice souvenirs, we decided to fall in line for the camel ride (there was a big crowd since its Friday). So, we almost waited for 30 minutes before we finally got our turn. The wait is worth it indeed. I love camels now! It looks eeewwww but once you come near them, they are soooo adorable. Love! Love! Love them!!  I even ask the tour guide to give me more time riding the camel. Then, my partner took a photo with the Falcon (the national bird of UAE), I didn’t try because it’s quite heavy and scary. Though, his photo was an epic!

When the sunset went down, we settled and sat on Majilis and enjoyed watching the terrific belly dance. I can’t blame him for staring at the belly dancer since she’s stunning and sexy. (feeling jealous) hahaha. If you don’t want to pay extra for the sisha, you can just stay on the sisha area and watch the entertainment. Well, the camp is an open area where the stage is at the center so that you won’t miss any scene. It was followed by the outstanding performance of the Sufi dancers with their Tanura dance. Their dance is twirling a million times on their colorful lighted skirts that go up and down. INCREDIBLE!! Because they don’t feel dizzy at all; that’s why I enjoyed it and of course it’s an Egyptian traditional dance.

Not to miss and what everybody was asking when it is served, was the BBQ buffet dinner. Come on! Everyone is hungry for all the stuff we did; I did run fast as I can to be first on the line the moment the Emcee announced its dinner time! I was first on the line, so I was able to choose what I want to eat. The BBQ buffet (with a choice of veggies and non-veggies and fruit salads too) was fair enough. If you don’t want to run the way I did, then better you take the VIP table for an extra cost. I guess it’s not that much for everything served on your table. We had our tummy full and satisfied while we ended the show with the jaw-dropping Fire show. Thumbs up for his bravery and technique!

Finally, the show ended around 7:30 pm and the land cruiser drop us back to the main street where the buses are waiting. Then, head us back to Sharjah around 9:00 pm.

Overall, my partner and I really enjoyed our desert safari together. I consider that place as one of the great ways to spend quality time with your friends, family or loved one. A long day of just fun, craziness, group selfie and bonding. Affordable! Pressure-free! Unforgettable experience!

My tip for those who want to try desert safari, plan and book your trip on winter time, make sure your cameras/ mobile are ready, gear up with your coolest shades and gatra and just wear slippers since its more comfortable to walk in barefoot.

See you soon on my next free time. J


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